The modern Rowi crib
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The modern Rowi crib

The modern Rowi crib was designed and created with passion and traditional dedication from the master and designer Robert Senoner. The crib figures of the Rowi crib represent the tradition and experience that has blossom in the last decades in the Gardena Valley. The valley where the pioneers of wood carving have created the first figures 400 years ago.

Rowi crib figures

Rowi Krippe Pfarrkirche Milland

The crib figures of the woodcarving company Rowi Sculptures have been exposed in a huge number of Christ and catholic churches around Europe, for instance: , holy church Millandholy church Terlan Ev.-luth. Christuskirchengemeinde Egestorf Ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Hohenkirchen, Parrocchia Trinita d`Amore Vimodrone.

Rowi crib in several Christmas markets

Mountain Christmas Christkindlmarkt

Moreover, you can find the traditional modern Rowi crib in several Christmas markets around Europe, such as Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Rowi crib has revealed to be, in the Mountain Christmas market, the market of the famous ski resort Selva di Val Gardena, which is situated in the Dolomites, as the best seller product of the traditional woodcarving valley. Furthermore, the traditional Rowi crib is one of the most good-looking and most sold Christmas cribs of the Gardena Valley.

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The traditional Rowi crib is produced in several types of wood, such as oak, ahorn or lindenholz. In addition, a customer can choose the different types of painting between nature, water coloured and oil coloured.